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Movie/TV Show Year Charater Played Episode
Serendipity 2001
Osmosis Jones 2001
My 5 Wives 2000 Barbara Van Dyke
Wet Hot American Summer 2000 Gail
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 Betty Lou Who
"Will & Grace" May 2, 2000 Val Bassett #2.20 Girls, Interrupted
"Will & Grace" April 8, 1999 Val Bassett #1.18 Grace, Replaced
Saturday Night Live: 25 Anniversary 1999 Molly Shannon
Superstar 1999 Mary Katherine
Never Been Kissed 1999 Anita
Analyze This 1999 Caroline
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman 1999 Molly Shannon
A Night at the Roxbury 1998 Emily Sanderson
Happiness 1998 Nancy
"Seinfeld" 1998 Sam #8.22 The Summer of George
"The Single Guy" May 15, 1997 Melody Pugh #2.15 Macho Men
Dinner and Driving Feb 6, 1997 Mad Woman in the Cafe
Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace 1997 Homeless Woman