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     WHATS UP fellow MS fan! MOLLY RULES! The captivating Molly Shannon is one of my favorite actresses. She's amazingly funny, beautiful, talented, and seems down to earth despite her fame. This page was created because of my appreciation for Molly Shannon, and so that other MS fans can find pictures, info, and wav's that I have either found or created. No rights are reserved, whatever that means :)
I'm Becca B.  Its nice to meet you. :)
     I found that when I was looking for Molly Shannon related pages, there was no page that had everything. One page would have an image gallery, another would have some SNL wavs, another would have a bio...etc. So, I've gathered all that I have found and decided to help out any other fans that went through the same searching process. I feel for ya :) Its a start, oh and feel free to send me anything that I don't have, pictures, news, contacts :) etc. My email is M0LLY NOTE: the O in Molly is a ZERO. Got it? GOOD! I hope that you LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! (the page)
And remember! GOOD TIMES! Good Times...