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Sounds Molly Lets us in on why she loves being famous. She LOVES IT! LOVES IT! 2.6 megs
Movies Molly sings on the Rosie O'donnell Show 2.2 megs
Never Been Kissed Trailer 8.5 megs
My 5 Wives Trailer 6.8 megs
Night at the Roxbury Trailer
What attracted you to this role? 1.1 megs
Do you have a favorite scene? 1.5 megs
Do you prefer live television or film? 1.9 megs
What is your favorite SNL character to perform? 1.1 megs
Was it fun working with Chris and Will? 1.3 megs
What's next for you? 1.4 megs
Do you surf the net? 1.5 megs
A Night at The Roxbury clip of Molly talking to Will 1.7 megs